Announcing Vortex EXPRESS (BC)

Alliance Marketing is pleased to announce ‘VORTEX EXPRESS’ for BC!  If you need a Vortex inline blower1 (by Atmosphere) quickly and easily, you can get it the same or next day2 from our new local stock3.

Best of all, stocking distributors are only charged your everyday price and avoid having to pay the high air freight costs usually associated with rushing product in!

For more product information visit .

 Vortex Powerfans - EXPRESS

1) Credit account with Atmosphere Corporation is required for billing purposes.
2) Shipping terms are collect and by the carrier of your choice. Same day delivery is possible within the lower mainland if placed by noon.
3) Locally inventory is of  limited quantities and intended for short fill orders only.

Call us today for all your inline blower needs.

Residential Pool Ventilation Sizing

Did you know, we are able to provide ventilation sizing for residential pools here at Alliance Marketing. All you need to do is provide the following criteria:

  • Project Name
  • Outdoor: Design Temperature & Humidity
  • Indoor: Your Design Temperature &  Desired Humidity
  • Pool: Desired Temperature & Surface Area (L x W)

Send us the above information and we can provide an airflow estimate, plus a suggested electric heat KW to temper fresh air if desired.


We look forward to supporting your needs!

Alliance Team

Verbatim is proud to introduce it’s latest addition: the Trimflex Downlight Series

Upgrade the look of your home or business with Verbatim Trimflex LED downlights with modular ttrimflexrims. These downlights are attractive, high-efficiency solutions that allow users to customize their downlights with several high-quality trim options designed to match any aesthetic.

Verbatim Trimflex link

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